How To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Make up brushes of good quality can cost a lot of money which means you want to take great care of them so that they will last a long time. Brushes should be cleaned if used on a regular basis once a week, twice a week maximum. Cleaning beauty makeup tools is not only important to the longevity of your brushes, it’s also important to your health. Maintaining the cleanliness of your brush helps to get rid of dirt from your skin, old and dried makeup, oils from your skin, bacteria from your skin and dead skin cells. Also, not cleaning your brush can render it incredibly hard. You always want a soft, subtle brush to give you the best makeup look possible!

Cleaning your makeup brush can be an extremely easy process! The first step you want to take is to turn the brush downward and run warm water over the brush hairs. Turning the hairy part of the brush down into the water insures the metal part will not get wet and rust. A fancy makeup cleaner is not needed to clean your brushes. Simply take a mild shampoo or hand soap and pour it on your finger tips. Massage the soap in the hairs of the brush before placing it back under the water.

Once the makeup brush is under the clean water stream, gently squeeze the brush hairs from the handle to the tips over and over. You can feel the dirt and grime of the brush coming off of the brush under the water. Shake the brush off after pulling it from under the water and examine the texture of the hairs. If the hairs continue to feel heavy and hard, place it back under the stream of water and continue gently rubbing soap up and down as not to damage the bristles. Repeat this process until the water runs clear.

When you feel the makeup brush is completely clean lay it sideways on a clean paper towel. Also, be sure to shape the brush so that you don’t have a splayed out brush. A splayed brush can make it really hard (and very uncomfortable) to prepare your face makeup. Make sure you let the brushes¬†dry out¬†completely before you apply your makeup. Rotating your brushes will insure you always have a brush to use even when others have been washed and are drying.


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