Things to Avoid When your Zits Pop-up

Zits are your permanent guests that come and go whenever they want and wherever they like. You end up applying layers and layers of acne products that would not work like a genie who would make all your breakouts go away in a poof. Here are certain things to avoid when your zit pops up next time,  


If you think starving your skin from moisturising can make your zit vanish, then you are absolutely wrong. Not moisturising it can make things even worse. If you have an acne-prone and oily skin it doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin is hydrated. Do not treat water and oil content the same way as their needs are totally different.

Spot treatment

It is very obvious that you would first head to a spot treatment session to get rid of those zits. It doesn’t always work your way. Nobody can tell you which portion of your skin is clogged and where would the next pimple appear. Next time, skip the spot treatment and allow your zits to heal on their own.


Picking is a big no-no! It is the worst thing that you could do to your zits. These stubborn zits have their way of taking revenge by settling down on your skin in the form of scars. The scars take weeks to fade away. Hence, make peace with your zits rather than challenging them.


Scrubbing is another way of challenging your zits. The more you scrub, the more they reside. Avoid scrubbing your skin when you have breakouts as this will give your zits some healing time. If you cannot survive without scrubbing, then scrub only the zit-free areas.

Acne Products

Firstly, know your skin and then choose the products accordingly. If you have an acne prone skin, then include an acne product (be it a cream or a face wash) in your cleansing regime. Applying these products only during your ‘zit phase’ will not help. For better results, use these products everyday rather than using them when your zits pop up.

Apart from these, avoid eating oily items and junk food. Increase your water intake and stick to fresh fruit juice.


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